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We offer year round coaching programmes for beginner, intermediate and advanced adult players.

The Format

Sessions focus primarily on doubles tactics, including fun drills with technical and tactical input and cover all the game situations of rallying, defending and attacking.


Our aim is to give players the skills they need to play at the level they aspire to. We aim to help players develop sound fundamental technique and support this with relevant game based coaching that focuses on real match-play scenarios

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Your Pathway
Learn the basics
This is an introduction to tennis. Here, we’ll help players develop sound fundamental technique for all strokes while teaching them about the basic tactics for singles and doubles. At this stage it’s not about winning or losing, it’s just getting to grips with the basics and building a consistent game, giving players the confidence to serve, rally and score.
Develop a rounded game
Players at this stage feel confident holding rallies of 10 shots or more from the back of the court and start to feel comfortable coming into the net to volley. Sessions incorporate basket drills and live ball drills where players develop the use of depth, spin and direction allowing them to progress to the next level
Putting it all together
At this stage players may well be representing the club in team tennis and competing in external tournaments. Sessions are tailored for the match-play scenarios of rally, attack and defend and players develop a greater awareness of the technical and tactical demands of the game.
Where do we play?
Bradford Location

Meet the Coaches

Strive Tennis is one of Yorkshire’s leading tennis coaching providers offering tennis programmes for all ages and ability levels. We are a dedicated team of professional tennis coaches led by former professional tennis player and twice Yorkshire doubles champion Matt McTurk.