Our tournaments are a great way for children to compete and practice their skills in a fun friendly environment.

During the course of the year we will be running a number of match-play opportunities where  players compete in team and individual events for points over a short series of matches. Winners are awarded medals and there are prizes to be won for key behaviours, with all players receiving certificates.

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Junior World Tour
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The Junior World Tour events will often take place at weekends or during schools holidays and are themed around the Grand Slam and professional tour events such as New York, Melbourne, Paris and London.

Teams compete in various fun formats over 2-3 hours with lots of prizes to be won. The Junior World Tour events are aimed at players on the programme who are new to competition and who don’t play in regular external tournaments but more experienced tournament players are welcome to attend.

Why take part in the Junior World Tour?

  • Playing in teams with friends is fun and there is much less pressure
  • Improve your game by practicing the skills you’ve been taught in group and private coaching sessions
  • It’s a great way to socialise more with the people at your club
  • The matches are competitive, but with no impact on ratings and rankings
  • Playing as a team is rare in tennis and a nice change to standard formats

Parents also love the Junior World Tour events as its great value with events typically lasting 2-3 hours. Parents are encouraged to stay and socialise with other parents and watch their children taking part. There will be a small entry fee to take part in the Junior World Tour.


With events taking place at your local club, you and your children won’t have to travel far and you know they’re in a safe and familiar environment.

Junior World Tour
Harrogate Spa Tennis Centre HG1 4BB

Orange (8-10 years) 2.30-4pm

Green (9-10 years) 4-6.30pm

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