Suitable for

Adult doubles clinics are are open to all standards from intermediate up. The clinics are aimed at players who play 2-3 times per week and are keen to improve their doubles and take their game to the next level. We recommend joining a clinic with your doubles partner and even better your team so that all players are on the same page and have the skills and knowledge to succeed as a collective group.

The Format

The clinic includes 5 hours of professional coaching led by level 5 LTA professional coach and former Yorkshire doubles champion Matt McTurk. The clinic is split into three main sections. The first section of the clinic will focus mainly on net play where players will develop technical, tactical and movement skills for volleying in attacking, neutral and defensive situations. The second section focusses on drills that simulate the tactical scenarios for each of the four positions on a doubles court in particular helping to raise awareness of the roles and responsibilities for the server's partner and returner's partner positions. In the last section of the course players will play matches with regular coach intervention helping players solidify what they have learnt during the first two sections.


By the end of the clinic players will have a greater knowledge and competency of the skills required to volley successfully in doubles. Players will have a clear understanding of the positioning and tactical intentions for each of the four positions in doubles. Players will have a greater awareness of the correct territory areas to cover for each of the four positions on a doubles court.

What's included?

Five hours of expert coaching
1-6 coach to player ratio
Ample parking
Changing facilities
Indoor tennis courts

Refreshments are available to purchase from the club
Lunch is not included.

Where do we play?
Harrogate Locations
Harrogate Spa Tennis Centre HG1 4BB
Claro Park
Harlow Tennis Club
Plantation Road
Starbeck Tennis Club
Bogs Lane

Meet the Coaches

Strive Tennis is one of Yorkshire’s leading tennis coaching providers offering tennis programmes for all ages and ability levels. We are a dedicated team of professional tennis coaches led by former professional tennis player and twice Yorkshire doubles champion Matt McTurk.